Foraging for wild plants and herbs

Discover nature's edible wonders and the gourmet edibles in your garden.

Have you ever wondered what you can use Sorrel for? Have you ever twisted your ankle in nature or cut yourself and wondered what plants you could use that grow around you?

Foraging is the activity of finding, gathering and harvesting wild foods
Getting outside, connecting with nature, and learning more about where your food comes from and staying active are all great reasons to go foraging.

Join us on one of our truly engaging & Fun foraging courses for a fantastic experience, to develop your understanding of foraging for and cooking with wild foods and to enjoy some delicious Wild Recipes.

Jörg Müller is a Medical Herbalist (B.Sc. Hons), Master Teablender and co-founder of Solaris Botanicals, whose virgin tea blends created a storm all those many years ago when they were released into the unassuming world of tea connoisseurs.

About Jörg Müller

Stemming from a family with a love for nature, Jörg speaks fondly of his many nature trips with his father as a child and the wisdom he gained from his mother, a traditional herbalist from the Czech Republic. 

He grew up being treated with herbs throughout his childhood and vividly remembers going foraging for wild, edible and medicinal plants – the smells, the adventure, discovering the forests and meadows.
His interest in medicinal and edible plants led him to pursue a degree in Herbal Medicine more than 20 years ago. 

Our Meeting point: Dangan Sports Carpark, Newcastle, Galway

About the course

Joerg’s hands on foraging course will help you to identify at least 30 wild plants with culinary and medicinal uses.

He uses simple identification methods, so you will be more confident recognizing the plants yourself in nature. Not only does this connect us to our surrounding, but it also empowers us to be part of nature.

Foraging is not about getting all your food from your doorstep, but to bring very small concentration of super foods (wild herbs often have 50x more nutrient content compared to grown vegetable varieties) into your life in a fun and engaging way!

A little sensory adventure in identification (kids are great using all their senses much more intuitively than us adults), medicinal knowledge and energetic plant signature awaits you!

Spend a glorious day foraging with Jörg Müller, an expert forager and medical herbalist, learning about how to forage sensibly & safely at least 30 culinary and medicinal wild plants and how to use them in your daily life, as well as their benefits.

Discover the magic of wild plants.

Only 12 places available.

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