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“Make sure you’re drinking enough water” Every parent, teacher, sports coach, and doctor has told us this before, especially during the warmer months.


Make sure you’re drinking enough water

Every parent, teacher, sports coach, and doctor has told us this before, especially during the warmer months. Likewise, if you are a parent yourself, you may find yourself reminding your children to drink more often.

Our brains are 73% water, so they need proper hydration to function at their best. One expert writing for Psychology Today said that brain cells “require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate, and when you lose too much water, that balance is disrupted. Your brain cells lose efficiency.” And one study in the US found that drinking water improved memory and focused attention.

So keeping hydrated is a key ingredient to learning better but have you ever wonder how to solve the age old ‘what to put in the flask or water bottle’ dilemma?

Of course fresh, clean, filtered water still rocks the boat and works on so many levels. Get them drinking plain water from as early an age as possible and reap the benefits.

Staying well hydrated helps your kids:

Boost their concentration

Helps increase memory and recall

Increase energy levels

Prevent infection

Happier mood 😊

We all know sugary drinks are a no no for school time, juice contains a lot of fruit sugar which attacks the enamel of our teeth, artificial sweeteners can play havoc with our blood sugars and their general health impact has been shown to be suboptimal… So what to do to satisfy your kids fussy taste buds?

If you’re like myself you know that it can be a challenge to get your kids to drink anything on the best of days; here’s a few suggestions to consider:

Pop a sprig of fresh Mint, Lemon balm or Rosemary in your kids water bottle to flavour it.

A slice of washed lemon, lime or cucumber might also work a treat!

Did you know many herbal teas can be drunk cold or warm.


Herbal teas can be a tasty and refreshing way to solve the school flask dilemma!

All our Solaris Teas are sugar and artificial flavouring free as well as being 100% Organic – making them free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.


Why not try a choice of these 4 Solaris Teas:  naturally caffeine, sugar and artificial flavouring free teas.


Especially selected with your kids taste buds in mind and tested by the experts: i.e. our own two kids Aoife and Ruben 😊


Berry fruity

Berry fruity

Full of zesty, refreshing flavours from a blend of Organic Hibiscus- rich in vitamin C, Lemongrass and Orange Peel to boost digestion and immunity, Rooibos- for its caramel colour and calming effects, and real Blueberries for flavour and because it’s a superfood. A perfect thirst quencher!

This can be drunk hot or cold. It’s super refreshing made the night before and left to cool ready for your kids water bottle the next day!


Rooibos Cacao Chai

Rooibos Cacao Chai

A family favourite in our house!

Do your kids crave sweetness and chocolate flavours without the sugar. This works on all levels. Rooibos is full of antioxidants and gives a natural and safe boost in energy without any caffeine at all. It’s sweet and mild flavour makes it appeal to the fussiest of taste buds. We blend it with Cinnamon, Star Anise and Orange peel for reducing sugar cravings and warming your tummy and some Cacao peels for a yummy creamy cocoa flavour.

A perfect flask filler for school!

Can be drunk warm by itself or add your favourite milk for a creamy soothing drink for any time of day. Try it on warm days chilled like a milkshake or add to your favourite smoothie.

I love to add Oat Milk for the added benefits that it’s rich in Calcium and B vitamins to soothe frayed nerves 💛


Peppermint Delight

Peppermint Delight

My son Rubens’ all time favourite!

Packed with bright and head clearing Peppermint flavours and sweetened up with Cinnamon, Fennel, Anise and Liquorice root.

This tea is super soothing for the tummy and throat! It’s also very refreshing and clears the head at break time when your ears are steaming from all the information overload! Super again for calming blood sugar levels and keeping things even keel.

Perfect hot for the flask or chilled in the water bottle. Prepare the night before and have ready on hand chilled.


Chamomile Dream

Chamomile Dream

A hug in a cup! 

This is super for frayed nerves and sore tummies.

A super soothing blend of Organic Chamomile which calms anxiety and stress; with sweet Fennel to settle nervous tummies, Rose to uplift, Lime Flower and Oatstraw to nourish the nervous system.

A wonderful warm flask filler for any age to help smooth transitions.

A warm hug 🤗 when you can’t be there to give it 💛

The perfect paradise

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