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Our Motto

We are committed to promoting sustainability and a healthy lifestyle.

Our passion for tea, combined with the world’s finest ingredients, result in unique blends and exquisite flavours. Our organic blends contain no artificial aromas or added ‘natural flavours’ and consist instead of premium top grade and spring flush teas, herbs and spices – masterfully blended together for an exquisite taste experience.


The world of tea

“Make sure you’re drinking enough water” Every parent, teacher, sports coach, and doctor has told us this before, especially during...
It is important to know that the herbs, spices and flowers used for each of our unique blends of teas...
Developing and maintaining positive energy involves more than merely thinking happy thoughts. It is the anticipation of good (i.e. happin...
Tea is an ancient beverage steeped in history and romance and loved by many.  In fact, so popular is tea...
Tea can only be as good as the water that is used to brew it.  The more delicate the tea,...
Many types of tea come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis.  The different types of tea are the result of...
If I told you there was a shortage of tea in the world wouldn't you be surprised? Well, most people...
While tea was at a high level of development in both Japan and China, information concerning this unknown beverage only...
The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is an extraordinary event, signifying the longest day of the year when the...
Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is one of my all-time favourite herbs due to its wonderful benefits Besides the Nettle Soup, another reci...

Solaris Courses

We are delighted to announce a series of signature Solaris Botanicals Herb & Tea Courses.
Empowering people to connect to nature and take initiatives for self-care are at the heart of the Solaris philosophy.

Eco Cabin

The perfect paradise for a moment of pause

Surrounded by lush meadows and virgin native hedging and opposite a lovingly nurtured nut and fruit orchard and natural pond teaming with native apples, pears, plums, soft fruit and herbs and edible flowers. This unique open plan venue is the perfect paradise for a moment of pause to reconnect to nature and yourself.

Clients Feedback

What our clients
say about us

We just love receiving feedback from you.

The service is lovely, and it also feels personal which I appreciate in a cold corporate world. I have bought Pu-Erh from various sources, but the Solaris Organic King of Pu-Erh is just something else. It’s smoky, woody, soft, gentle, smooth and I just love it. Of course they sell many many teas, and I am just talking about one. I am looking forward to purchasing more from this lovely company, and exploring their world of teas.

Nick Cook

We have been using ‘Earl Grey’ & Oolong and other herbal teas from Solaris Botanicals tea for many years. We enjoy the authentic tea flavours. We buy in bulk online, so we do not run out of tea,and service is excellent.

Eamonn & Mary Winters

I always keep a good selection of Solaris teas in stock. My normal daily tipple is King of Pu Erh but, depending on my mood, I vary it with Oolong and Green tea Chai. All are great quality and really good value. I keep a stock of Dionysus in too as it’s great for any digestive upset plus it’s delicious. I buy the tea loose in bags directly from the suppliers and they are always very helpful and friendly to deal with.

Mairéad Hogan

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